NEW! Organic Elderflower and Calendula Face Food


100% Natural Botanical “Face Food”.  Aptly named because it is just that – food for your face!

Made with ingredients so natural you could pop it on your newborn baby’s bottom, we prefer to rub it all over our face both morning and night. It’s packed with an abundance of natural goodness which Celeste put together because she couldn’t find anything quite this good on the shelves at local stores.

No nasties, no chemicals.

50g re-usable tin.

Available on back-order



Elderflower is often used for skin to improve elasticity (anti-aging), whilst calendula promotes healing and reduces inflammation. Shea butter moisturises, whilst the bees wax creates a protective barrier, and the essential oils of helichrysum and frankincense complement the healing properties of the botanicals (more details on those EO’s below).

A little goes a long way with this super nourishing and hydrating face food. The colour is quite a vibrant orange due to the concentrated amount of calendula, but we promise it won’t stain your skin. The final scent, despite the stack of EO’s used, is of dehydrated elderflowers, which were infused in sweet almond oil.


*Elderflower infused sweet almond oil, *Calendula infused *rose hip oil, unrefined & sustainably sourced Shea Butter, bees wax, plus essential oils of Frankincense & Helichrysum  (*Organic)

Merry Little Elderberry is the brainchild of creative genius Celeste Kellie who lives at Tingha! Check out her website and recipes at