Stanthorpe Chemical Free Yacon Jerky


100g of Nutrition Farms (Stanthorpe) dried yacon – nutrition and gut health powerhouse!

Yacon contains concentrated inulin and FOS (fructan prebiotic) to boost beneficial gut life. Fructan digestion produces short chain fatty acids with anti-obesity impact, and fructans also lower the hunger hormone, ghrelin.

A tasty little snack with a BIG health kick!!!




This yacon is grown at Stanthorpe’s Nutrition Farms, using the legendary Nutrition Farming® regenerative farming principles to ensure optimum nutrition throughout planting, growth and harvest. The end result is chemical-free and nutrient-dense produce with vivid flavours. Check them out, these guys are true leaders in the field and offer training, products and advice to support the regen journey, everything in their mission to “build nutrition from the soil up”. We are so honoured to be able to bring this produce to you!!!