About Us

Cold Country Organics is run by Clare Mathiasen, with her husband Mads and small offsider, Oskar. So happy to be the lucky people to carry on what Tom and Anji Hunt started up and very excited to continue bringing the organic goods to the New England! We love that Cold Country Organics was founded on a love for good food, healthy living and sustainable farming and we add to that the passion to make it easier for people to access (to demand?!) food that actually nourishes you and your family while supporting the farmers who produce food that regenerates the landscape.

Cold Country Organics is all about providing quality produce in a way that makes life easy. Good for you and good for the planet!

Contact Us

Email us using the contact form above, or you may prefer direct on coldcountryorganics@gmail.com

Phone: 0459-140-825 (Please leave a message if we miss you)