The Big Basics Box


1 x big box of seasonal (organic or local chem-free) mixed fruit and vegetables

Folks tell us they save money with their subscription, as produce is fresh and doesn’t go off in the fridge, so you don’t have to run to the shops through the week! No impulse buys, more time, more money, more of the good stuff!!!

$65.00 every Tuesday



This box would be most suitable for a big family and those wishing to max out your fruit and veg by having more of the staples instead of some of the less ‘everyday’ produce items – so we leave out the artichokes, asparagus, tomatoes and avocados and simply fill in more carrots and potatoes and oranges 🙂 (for example – it will change week to week, based on seasonality)

It will be full of the freshest, in-season organic / local chem-free produce we can get our hands on. We always start our boxes with locally grown organic or chemical-free produce and then, as required, order in certified organic produce from Brisbane United Organic Farmers market or Bellingen (or other organic sources as we find them) to fill the boxes to the dollar value. If I have not personally been to visit the grower to understand their growing practices then it must be certified organic.

The produce will vary according to availability but will always contain a mix of high quality, organic (or local chem-free), seasonal fruit and vegetables.

We will also include a ‘recipe of the week’ to inspire you to use your produce in new and fun ways.