Yinyang Kombucha – 6 pack


100% Fresh & Natural – 6 pack of 500ml glass bottles of goodness.
6 amazing flavours – original, blueberry, passionfruit, mandarin and orange blossom, ginger and lime, rasberry and rose.
Just type in your flavour preference in the notes section of your order 🙂
$35.00 every Tuesday



Kombucha is brewed through a two stage fermentation process – read more here: https://www.yin-yangkombucha.com/about-kombucha
This delicious drink is believed to rich in antioxidants, vitamins, enzymes, acids & probiotics which promote healthy digestion, detox the liver, boost immunity, increase energy naturally, balance pH levels, all while re-hydrating the body and making you feel good.
Yinyang Kombucha use only local and organic fruits when available and aim to be a ZERO waste business, so return your bottles for 10% off your next Yinyang purchase