Cornflower Cake (and Cocktail) Sprinkles – summer season only


100% dried corn flowers, locally grown chem free.

Great for those baker out there as cake decor, slices, biscuits or any dessert!

Can also be used to pretty up cocktails and other refreshments!

Available in 150ml size jar.

They are to be stored in a dry cool place out of direct sunlight.

Available on back-order



Where are these grown?
Bonnie lives at Invergowrie and grows seasonal flowers, chemical free, ensuring that the beneficial bugs, pollinators and animals are safe visiting her gardens. A true believer of fresh chemical free produce, she uses companion planting as her main pest deterrent and finds no need for chemicals. Once they are grown, they are hand picked and the petals are then removed and put into a dehydrator to dry.

Bonnie has a limited supply and we cannot wait to get baking to give these a try!

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